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One Voice, One Vision: Join us in the 9th Year of Transforming Health

Save the date for the 9th Annual National Health IT Week: September 15-19, 2014.

Many of us may have encountered a medical situation where a family member or loved one’s life was saved by early detection, new drugs, or a new procedure. Contrary to these more obvious technological medical advances, health IT is quietly advancing medicine. Health IT—specifically electronic health records (EHRs)--improve the quality of healthcare delivery, increase patient safety, decrease medical errors, and strengthen the interaction between patients and healthcare providers.

National Health IT Week (NHIT Week) is a collaborative forum and virtual awareness week that assembles key healthcare constituents dedicated to working together to elevate the necessity of advancing health through the best use of information technology. With a projected 400 partners, NHIT Week brings this important cause to the forefront of the nation’s attention through local and regional events hosted by National Health IT Week Partners.

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Updates from the 2013 NHIT Week

More than 375 organizations participated in 2013, which was recognized by the U.S. Senate through a Resolution declaring National Health IT Week. Government officials highlighted the value of Health IT during the week with a press conference at Capitol Hill. HIMSS recognized policy leaders through four Health Information Technology Leadership Award recipients.

Multiple events were held across the country by different organizations during NHIT Week. Social media activity during the week exceeded expectations with more than 8,500 interactions.
Get complete details on the Eight Annual National Health IT Week here.

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